Wenzelite CrawlAbout Crawl Trainer

The CrawlAbout Crawl Trainer consists of a size-adjustable padded foam harness suspended from an aluminum frame on pivoting casters.  The crawl trainer helps a child improve their weight bearing ability on all fours, helping them learn to crawl, a crucial stepping stone in their motor development.

Wenzelite CrawlAbout Crawl  Trainer


  • Harness can be adjusted as child’s weight bearing capability changes.
  • Frame height is adjustable.
  • Attachable push handles allow therapist or caregiver to assist by steering from behind when child’s crawling skills improve.
  • Top of frame is cushioned and can support therapist or caregiver as they assist the user.
  • Casters glide easily.
  • Warranty:  Two years, limited.
  • Models Available: 
    • Small (weight capacity 50 lbs.),
    • Medium (weight capacity 75 lbs.)

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