Hypo-Allergenic Formulas

Based on amino acids instead of whole proteins, these formulas are made especially for babies and children with special feeding needs, including food allergies and chronic diarrhea.  Unlike standard infant formulas which are based on protein and may cause adverse reactions in sensitive infants, these hypo-allergenic formulas are based on amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins, and offer the essential nutritional benefits of proteins, but are non-allergenic and more easily digestible than regular formulas.


Elecare Formula


Elecare is a nutritionally complete hypoallergenic formula which supports growth and is intended for the dietary control of eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders, malabsorption, severe food allergies, and short bowel syndrome. 

Neocate Formula


Neocate formulas are hypoallergenic and easy to digest.  They are helpful in caring for children who need an elemental formula, including those with an allergy to cow’s milk, multiple food protein intolerance, and various other food allergy induced disorders. 

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