Infant Formulas

Regular Infant Formula


Complete nutrition for routine infant feeding. Promotes brain, eye, and bone development. Includes special prebiotics to support babies' immune system.

Enfamil Premium® Newborn

Contains approximately the RDI of vitamin D to support the fast growth rate of newborns. For ages 0-3 months.

Enfamil Newborn Formula
Enfamil Premium® Infant

For ages 0-12 months.

Enfamil Infant Formula
Enfagrow® Premium™ Toddler

Formula which provides nutrition geared to toddler needs. Contains more than 25 nutrients to promote proper growth. Promotes brain and immune system development. For ages 10-36 months.

Enfagrow Toddler Formula
Enfagrow® Premium™ Older Toddler Enfagrow Older Toddler Formula



Similac Advance®

Contains Lutein, a nutrient available to babies only in mother's milk or Similac (until they start solids). Supports crucial eye, brain, and immune system development, as well as calcium absorption. Contains prebiotics to aid digestion

Similac Advance Baby Formula
Similac ExpertCare® NeoSure®

Provides more protein, vitamins, minerals, and calories than standard infant formula to help preemies catch up on the rapid growth and development which they missed in the third trimester. Contains nutrients to support brain, eye, bone, and immune system development.

Similac Preemie ExpertCare NeoSure Formula



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